Here are some hints for a successful presentation to the PAMIA membership:

Summarize the presentation for PAMIA's meeting announcement  PAMIA can go a long way in marketing the presentation with your assistance. If members have a better idea of what the presentation is about, they are more likely to attend and be prepared to participate.

Provide handouts  From a marketing standpoint, it's worth your while. Most members save and frequently use well-written handouts from technical presentations.

Think Education  Be sure that your presentation can teach the PAMIA membership something they can use to better their skills, which can of course, still mean a better understanding of your company's services and/or products.

Taylor your presentation for a larger-than-normal group This sounds obvious, but it can be easy to forget.

Understand that your competitors may be PAMIA members and may be attending your presentation

Move quickly through basic technical information We already know the basics, we are typically experienced technicians and engineers.

Keep marketing "Dog & Pony" shows to a minimum  After a long day at work, PAMIA members don't travel across the busy city of Philadelphia to see a presentation that is almost entirely a sales pitch. They expect a presentation with substantial technical value. Of course, take some time to show-off your wares, too!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for your technical presentation to the PAMIA membership!

We hope you'll find that making a presentation of PAMIA well worth your while!
It's the best way to quickly meet MANY biomeds in the Philadelphia Area!

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