Micro Illuminator

by: Kevin C. Carpenter, CBET

Every biomedical technician has had repairs which were physically difficult. Recently, I had to tighten a counter weight assembly through a 1 inch diameter access hole. It was practically impossible to get the allen wrench and flashlight properly aligned and still be able to see into the cavity.

I simplified the task by constructing a miniature lamp assembly and inserting it through the access hole. Since the flashlight was no longer necessary the repair was easily completed.

Here's how:

- Solder the legs of a small light bulb to the leads of a battery clip (in this case 9 volts).

- Add a rigid wire to hold the bulb in position.

Then simply insert the bulb assembly into the hole and bend the rigid wire to position the bulb as needed. This will make it a lot easier to work in small spaces.

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This page was published on 9/18/98