Qualitative Testing of Therapeutic Ultrasound Probes/Transducers

by: Kevin C. Carpenter, CBET

Here is a quick and handy technique to test the transducer of a therapeutic ultrasound machine. This test gives a relative indication of power output and helps in assessing the condition of the ultrasonic crystal.

Get a roll of medical tape, the wider the better. Wrap one edge of the tape around the transducer such that a cup is formed, with the transducer as the bottom of the cup. Turn the cup right side up and fill it half full of water. Now, turn the US power on and increase the output until a cone rises from the center of the water. If no cone rises try using about half as much water. If the cone is absent, off center, or there are multiple cones then the crystal may be cracked. (NOTE: The crystal is affixed to the underside of the head.)

 qualitative testing of therap. Ultras. probes

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This page was published on 9/18/98